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Stage Decorations in Guruvayur

As wedding are one of the most important rituals of ones life, the wedding decorations makes it special by adding some glamour and glitter to the weddings. We are specialized in arranging wedding stage decorations in modern and fantastic manner to suit the taste and artistic minds of everybody in vivid patterns, designs with fresh flower and done beautifully. From the low budget to the high we have varieties of pattern to serve our client as their needs.

Car Decoration in Guruvayur

Today, car decoration is given a lot of attention as people has become more fashion conscious and realized the importance of having a completely coordinated and organized wedding celebration. People pay a lot of attention to even the minute detailing, so as to make the car used in the wedding ceremony. We have various ways to decorate your wedding car.

Garland and Bouquets in Guruvayur

For the traditional custom of Guruvayur marriage We brings the garlands and Bouquets in the very modern outlook, weather if it is with tube rose, orchid, jasmine or with the petals of rose. .


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