Auditoriums in Guruvayur

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marriage registration at guruvayur

Marriage Registration in Guruvayur

Once the marriage is over at Guruvayur Temple, marriage should be registered in Guruvayur Municipality with relevant documents. Marriage Certificate will be issued same day by Guruvayur Municipality after verification of all the documents.

Guruvayur Ulsavam

A Temple is not only a place for worship, but also a center for social gathering and an area for cultural programs. People from far and near, gather here in their fortune best to participate in the merriment. The festivals of special significance in Guruvayur temple includes:

Guruvayur Devaswom Marriage Halls

Guruvayoor Devaswom has established a fully centralized A/C hall named "Poonthanam Auditorium" with all modern facilities which will be given on rental for marriage/cultural programmes. the hall deidcated for the memory of great poet Poonthanam autor of jnanappana and Guruvayoor satyagraha

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Guruvayur Marriage - Guruvayur is the most famous Hindu marriage destination in Kerala. Many Hindus prefer to solemnize their wedding in front of the Lord Sree Krishna Temple Guruvayur. There is three Kalyana Mandapams in front of the temple, normally only key ritual of solemnizing the wedlock and exchange of thulsi garlands are done in the temple mandapam, while other rituals done in nearby Wedding Halls. provides all the arrangements regarding your marriage at Guruvayur